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But there are a set of procedures that must be followed in order to properly ensure tracking.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]

  • Time: < 1Hr
  • People Recommend: 2 people
  • Skill Type: 3D & Camera
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  • Previzion System
  • Video Breakout Box
  • Airtrack & Intersense
  • Lens Controller
  • Intersense-to-Airtrack Cable
  • Airtrack-to-Lens-Controller Cable
  • Previzion Basebox (“DIAL” box)
  • Lightcraft Cable Tether
  • BNC Cables
  • UPS (recommended)
  • Metric Measuring Tape
  • LTC Source (when applicable)
  • Sync Source (when applicable)
  • Proper Camera Mounts and Rails
  • HD Camera
[/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_text_separator title=”Software Required:” title_align=”separator_align_center”]
  • Lens Calibration File
  • Stage Survey File
  • Optimized 3D Scene and video assets
  • Previzion Application
  • InertiaCamTest
  • ISDemo
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Connecting to Previzion

  • Run Cable Tether between Previzion system and Camera
  • On camera side
    • Mount Airtrack and Intersense on Camera
    • Connect Airtrack, Intersense and Lens Controller
    • Strain relieve cable tether
    • Connect “Data” and “Genlock” to Airtrack
    • Connect “Camera HDSDI” to camera SDI output
    • Connect camera operator’s “Monitor HDSDI” to on-board monitor
    • Measure and make note of Intersense’s Offsets and Pitch
  • On Previzion side
    • Connect Serial, Merlin and Power to Previzion System
    • Plug in “Camera HDSDI” to Video Breakout Box “HDSDI INPUT”
    • Connect “Genlock” to “Sync Output”
    • Connect “LTC source” (when applicable) to the audio embedder “Input”
    • Connect “Monitor HDSDI” to one of the DA’s “HDSDI OUTPUT”
    • Route Audio Embedder “HDSDI Output” or “Reclock OUT” (when applicable) to Merlin “INPUT 1″
    • Route Merlin “OUTPUT 1″ to the DA’s “HDSDI INPUT”
    • Feed composited signal to external monitors from available the DA’s “HDSDI Output”
    • Power UPS, Video Breakout Box and Previzion system

Intersense Startup Procedure

  • Start InertiaCamTest
  • Set the Intersense’s camera exposure Devices->Camera Exposure->Manual
  • Adjust Shutter and Gain optimally
  • Save camera exposure Devices->Camera Exposure->Save in EEPROM
  • Quit InertiaCamTest
  • Open ISDemo
  • Accept both SFServer Connection and TCP/IP Connection
  • Start “Constellation Tool” Tools->Constellation Tool
  • Open proper constallation file (.cfg) select File->Open…
  • Upload constellation Constellation->Send to Tracker…
  • Verify tracking Display->Start Displaying Data
  • Close “Constellation Tool” window
  • Save Setting File->Save…->Save in Permanent Memory
  • Start “Optical Data Display Tool” Tools->Optical Data Display Tool
  • Verify number of targets being captured Display->Start Displaying Data
  • Close “Optical Data Display Tool”
  • Close ISDemo and Quit SFServer Command Window

Previzion Startup Procedure

  • Set “Sync” and “Location”
  • Input Intersense Offset and Pitch Tracking Tab->Trackers Panel->”Configure” Button
  • Reset “Auto Sample” and “Sample Now”
  • Verify tracking in Viewer Window and close Configure window
  • Enable video input Video Tab->Input Panel->HD-SDI 1 “Enable” button
  • Select proper video input frame rate
  • Load proper lens file Lens Tab->Lens Calibration Panel->”Load” Button
  • Select proper Camera sensor size
  • Verify LTC input
  • Load your scene
  • Set the key
  • Load video assets (when applicable)
  • Pan camera side to side and verify tracking
  • Adjust Frame Delay (if necessary)
  • Verify that the composited signal is visible on external monitors
  • Verify Key with Talent in the frame

Recording Takes

  • Assign proper location to save takes
  • Set proper naming convention for takes
  • Set scene and take information
  • Verify composited feed on external monitor
  • Restart all videos (when applicable)
  • On “Action” cue, “Roll” take
  • On “Cut” cue, “Cut” take
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