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Camera Requirements
  • Digital Cameras with HDSDI Output
  • Film Cameras with HD tap or upscaled SD tap
  • One set of Sensors and Computer per camera
Supported Lenses
  • Cine Prime
  • Cine Zoom
  • ENG Zoom
Lens Metadata
  • Preston II or 3 over serial
  • CMotion CVolution on Camin 4M and above
  • Cooke Lens Protocol over serial
  • Mo-Sys Crane Lens Protocol over serial
  • CPG Lens Metadata over serial
  • Arri LDS over SDI
  • Fujinon Cine over “Serial Port”
  • Fujinon ENG over “Serial Port”
  • Canon ENG over “Virtual Port”
  • RT Motion over serial (legacy support only)
  • SpiderCam Protocol over serial
  • Previzion Embedded Metadata over SDI Playback
Lens Calibration
  • Field Portable Lens Calibration System for Zooms or Primes
Positioning Systems
  • Lightcraft Airtrack and Intersense Genlocked Optical/Inertial Tracking
  • General Lift Encodacam Crane
  • Kuper Box Crane
  • Mo-Sys Crane
  • SpiderCam
  • OSystems GPS/IMU
Stereo Rig Support
  • Element Technica Rigs
  • Cameron Pace Group (CPG) Rigs
Supported Formats
  • 1920/1080 HDSDI
  • Progressive, PsF and Interlaced
  • 23.98p, 23.98PsF (24fps), 25p, 25PsF, 29.97p, 29.97PsF (30fps), 50.00i, 59.94i (60i), 720/50Hz (RedOne) and 720/60Hz (RedOne in 24fps)
  • Output format determined by Camera HDSDI input format
  • Genlock with SMPTE Tri-Level Sync Signal
  • Reference for Previzion Output in  Tri-Level Signal for all supported formats
  • Reference for Previzion Output in  Bi-Level Signal for 25.00 PsF, 29.97PsF and 59.94i formats
  • LTC Timecode input over BNC
  • ANC VITC Timecode over HDSDI
  • Internal Generated Timecode (reference)
Video Delay
  • 2-frame delay over unbuffered high-speed output (reference)
  • 5-frame delay over HDSDI outputs
Power Requirements
  • 1000W Peak Power Draw at 110V
  • 110V/220V Compatible
Form Factor
  • 4U Rackmount + 2U Signal Breakout
  • Multi-System Studio Rack on Wheels
  • Portable “Lunchbox” Ruggadized System with Built-in Monitor/Keyboard + Portable Video Signal Breakout
Network Compatibility
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in 3D Render Engine
  • Up to 8 HD Video Plates (at 23.98 fps)
  • Up to 3 4K Video Plates (at 23.98 fps)
  • Up to 3 Gigapixels of Textures
  • Up to 12 Milliion Polygons
  • Up to 3 Thousand nodes
  • Variable Live Video Plane Depth
  • Baked-in Lighting
  • Spherical Reflections
  • Full Depth-of-Field Support
  • Transparencies Support
  • Scaleable Motion Blur
  • Optimized Anti-Aliasing
  • User Programable CgFx Shadders
  • Live Motion Builder and Maya Animation Input (with PreLink)
  • Live Motion Builder Camera Animation Output (with PreCam)
Supported Formats
  • Scenes Files
    • Maya FBX 2010-2012
      • Format: Binary
      • Version: 2010
    • Maya FBX 2013
      • Format: Binary
      • Version: 2013
    • Maya FBX 2014
      • Format: Binary
      • Version: 2014
    • Modo Collada and FBX (no shaders supported)
    • 3ds Max FBX (no shaders supported)
  • Animation Files (PreLink)
    • MotionBuilder 2010-2013
    • Maya 2010-2013
  • Built-in Color/Difference Keyer
  • Blue and Green Presets
Garbage Mattes
  • 3D Spacial Garbage Mattes
  • Despill Mattes
  • Surveyed or Drawn Mattes
Color Correction
  • Built-in Color Corrector for Background or Live Foreground
  • 2 different Silmulteneous HDSDI Inputs (Genlocked)
  • 2 different Silmulteneous HDSDI Outputs (Composite, Matte, Foreground, Background, Depth Map and/or Reference Signal)
  • Tracking and Lens Metadata Embedded in either HDSDI outputs (stored as SMPTE 315M)
  • Take data recorded to XML collada file with timecode
  • Take files convertible to many common formats using “TakeConverter”