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Circular Barcodes

Optical Markers through Witness Camera

The Previzion system uses an unique optical pattern in the shape of a circular barcode.

Each of these Circular Data Matrixes contain a specific number that is matched agains a lookup table to provide its x,y,z position.

Previzion reduces the need for “through the lens” markers that need to be rotoscoped later in post-production.

By using these barcodes outside the field of view of the main cinema camera, Previzion tracks the position of the camera in real-time.

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Flexible Mounting Options

Ceiling, Floor, Walls, mount targets where you need them

For permanent installations, ceiling targets are always recommended.

For other specific shots and more flexible operations, there are also portable floor target boards.

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Stage Surveying

Accurate measurement of each marker

As part of the Stage Setup. each of the fiducial markers is measured using a total station.

At the very center of each marker, there is a small reference cross marking the exact point to be measured.

An entire stage can be rigged and surveyed in less than a day.

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Moveable Solution

Moving from Stage to Stage is as easy as opening up a file

Once a stage is surveyed and tested, setting up every day takes minutes.

Every stage survey is stored in a “constellation file” that contains the exact x,y,z position of each circular barcode and each stage or group of targets can have their own constellation file.

Whether this is for a series ceiling targets boards or portable floor target boards, moving around is as simple as loading the constellation file for the set.

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Bigger Stage, Bigger Target

On higher ceilings, print bigger targets

The diameter of each circular barcode is determined by the height of the ceiling and the camera height.

At any one point, for continuous tracking, the optical tracker must be able to identify at least 4 markers.

Most marker boards use a 5-array pattern with a larger marker on the center and four smaller markers on the corners, allowing for a wide range of travel distance for the camera.

In stages with higher ceilings, use targets with bigger diameter.