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Providing Students with Integrated Approach to the Future of VFX

VENICE, CA – MARCH, 2012 – Lightcraft Technology, a developer of advanced visual effects technology for the film and television industries, has announced that the Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA) is the first educational institution to incorporate Previzion into its Interactive Media Program. Previzion is a visual effects system that provides a combination of real time high precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and VFX quality keying that makes it the ideal solution for use in on-set compositing of virtual backgrounds and CGI characters.

Harry Schreurs, the head of the department on Interactive Media and Visual Effects (IMVFX) at the Netherlands Film Academy was introduced to Previzion on a trip to the United States to participate in the Cinegrid conference.

“Real-time integration of CG VFX scenes with live-action camera images is the future of filmmaking,” states Mr. Schreurs emphatically. “Prevision provides an integrated approach that works in actual film production while remaining affordable.”

Mr. Schreurs quickly recognized the benefits to his students: “Previzion gives greater control of VFX production to the students and faculty in all departments. The director, the DOP, the production designer, the VFX artist, all of them can interact in real time with the images on the set. The feedback loop is shortened and the learning process is accelerated for our students.”

Eliot Mack, Lightcraft’s founder and system architect states: “NFTA has a very innovative special effects program that encourages students to immediately start working as a team to produce sophisticated visual effects segments that rely heavily on green screen technology. Previzion is the perfect tool for teaching students how to combine precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and high quality keying all in real time.”


About the Film Academy
The Netherlands Film and Television Academy (NFTA)was founded in 1958. The academy is the only recognized institute in the Netherlands that offers training to prepare for the work in the various crew disciplines. Specialization is available in fiction directing, documentary directing, screenwriting, editing, producing, sound design, cinematography, production design, and interactive multimedia/visual effects. The Filmacademy is one of the leading filmschools in Europe. The school is situated in the heart of Amsterdam. It is a division of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Visit:  www.filmacademie.nl

About Lightcraft Technology
Lightcraft Technology was founded in 2004 by Eliot Mack to bridge the technology and on-set production worlds. A graduate of MIT, Eliot has worked at Walt Disney Imagineering and iRobot. In 2004, Eliot followed his interests in visual effects and motion tracking and founded Lightcraft Technology, applying robotic techniques to the motion picture industry to create what would become the Previzion virtual studio system. Developed with co-founder and software architect Phil Mass, Previzion is a real time visual effects system that provides a combination of high precision camera tracking, sophisticated rendering, and VFX quality keying that makes it the ideal solution for use in onset compositing of virtual backgrounds and CGI characters. Please visit www.lightcrafttech.com for further information or contact Lightcraft Technology at (310) 821-3888 or info@lightcrafttech.com .

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